Meet Me: Mary Kate/Wastefree Wannabee/Wanderer at Heart

Above is ME – Mary Kate – out on some trail, failing at the “selfie” photo, ha, trying to have it all. My favorites in life are my two GSDs, one cat, one husband, new trails, sights to see, & seeing how much waste I can keep out of my garbage!

My first love was recycling where I thought I could recycle everything, everything would of course BE RECYCLED because I put it in the recycle bin, & I was being awesome for getting my family to start recycling everything with me. I have since learned otherwise (palm to face).

I am not perfect, I even have a tattoo that says, “Perfectly Imperfect” (no you cant see it, maybe later), but I have made my mistakes along the way due to my knowledge at the time & want to, need to, have to keep learning, evolving, challenging, & most importantly – DOING more. Recycling may be your first step – it was mine – but the more you learn about recycling – the more you want to reduce your waste all together.

So, if you’re still interested & want to learn along with me, follow along for waste free posts, waste free recipes, my failures, successes, tips I feel are helpful, cute dog pictures, & more! Thank you!

Elle Woods (left) & Cher (right) – the GSD pups who will also be blogging along with me. They help me stay tied to nature through our hikes, swims, & never ending search for new trails. They sure to love the left behind garbage treats some people leave behind on trails/parking lots – another reason


Author: wastefreewanderess

I have a love for the earth, some jokes I think are funny, & some knowledge I feel others might want to know as well. Being waste free has been a learning experience to say the least & it will continue to be so. However, I am excited to share, continue learning, & converse with other waste free lovers.

2 thoughts on “Meet Me: Mary Kate/Wastefree Wannabee/Wanderer at Heart”

  1. Yasss! I thought recycling was the end all be all. I didn’t realize how much of what we try to recycle never actually makes it that far. I’m excited to learn from your new adventure!

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    1. Neither did I! So sad how deceiving it is, but they tried to make it so easy for everyone – throw it in one bin & we will figure it out. Yeah, figure it out by throwing it away!!! Boo!!! Thanks for the follow & comment, so excited to keep sharing with you!


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