What my Dog Chews Up Usually Heads to the Landfill…Yuck!

I said, “C’mon now! Not cool bro!” My dog, (Licks my face).

Coming home to something chewed up to pieces is no surprise in my house. With my older dog, it was my flip flops, underwear, shorts, & recycling pieces like boxes. The worst was a brand new kitty litter box she ripped up and drug from one room to the other. With my younger dog, it seems to be ANYTHING!!! There is no rhyme or reason to her chewing, it just seems like, “Oh, there’s something that I need to chew right now,” num num num” (<—thats her chewing noises hahaha.) However, once I started this waste free journey and I realized everything my younger dog has been targeting – once it is chewed, I am reaching for the GARBAGE CAN!!! Ps. The broken hanger was first done by yours truly & later chewed up to bits, not pictured.

Don’t you LOVE the plastic baggie my pens lived inside of?! Landfill!

Could I use the broken colorful bits of my chewed up pens to make something artsy?! Perhaps! Will I?! Of course not! They are already disposed in the trash. The chair that has been in Elle’s entire short life met its match and half of the cushion has been chewed, of course the front part that we sit upon. She keeps nibbling on this cushion by the way! But once again, trash! The pillows she has chewed up I HAVE saved for potential “pillow reconstruction,” but it’s not my top priority as of now.

Yes, the number one rule when starting your waste free life is to use up whatever you have. Easy! But, once you DO use it up, you better be ready with an alternative, or you might end up like me, staring at possible options at the grocery store and online & then bailing, thus putting it off further. Do I need new pens?! No. Will I throw away that chair?! No. No replacement needed in those areas. However, my kitchen scrubber?! ABSOLUTELY!!! How many have I looked at either at the store or in somebodies Instagram, at least 12. Have a purchased one yet?! No! There are so many options and I want to ensure it does not come wrapped in plastic AND it can be composted once it is gross & of no use to me.

I have been making little fixes for a few years now, but I definitely dove in face first back in January 2019. I read about it, talk about it, learn about it, CONSTANTLY! I am making a list now of what I need to further replace & what my options are. There are a lot of things I want to change or buy & it CANNOT happen all at once. It is overwhelming as I’ve said before. I know I will get there one day, but I need to celebrate my small victories along the way.

What little steps are you taking?! Did your dog chew up your favorite pair of leggings too?! I still love them AND they forced me to recognize how unsustainable household items can be. Thanks pups!